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Perception and Concepts in Brandom’s “Articulating Reasons”

From Wilfrid Sellars and from Hegel (“Sense Certainty” in the Phenomenology), Brandom suggests, we learn “that even such noninferential reports [as color perceptions] must be inferentially articulated” (48, and cf. my discussion of roughly the same point in McDowell). “Without that … Continue reading

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McDowell, “Mind and World” — Reason and Nature

In “Reason and Nature,” the fourth lecture that composes Mind and World, McDowell proposes “to start uncovering the presumably deep mental block that produces this uncomfortable situation,” namely, the anxious oscillation between the Myth of the Given and a Space of … Continue reading

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Newman on Faith and Reason

(What follows is an analysis of Newman’s account of faith and reason in a selection of his Oxford University Sermons, presented at a seminar on Newman with Fr. Ian Ker, at Merton College, Oxford University, July 13, 2015.) The Oxford University … Continue reading

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Bordieu on philosophy’s limits

Pierre Bordieu’s Meditations pascaliennes opens with some truly beautiful reflections meant to put intellectuals firmly in their place. Here are two of my favorites, with light commentary (in Robert Brandom’s terms, this is commentary de re more than de dicto; aimed more at the … Continue reading

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Self-critiquing Reason

267. La dernière démarche de la raison est de reconnaître qu’il y a une infinité de choses qui la surpassent; elle n’est que faible, si elle ne va jusqu’à connaître cela — Pascal, in Les Pensees

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