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Jesus as SNOOT

“SNOOT,” in David Foster Wallace’s lexicon, stands for “Syntax Nerds of Our Time,” and Jesus shows himself to be one in his argument with the madding crowd in John 6:27-40. They demand that Jesus do another miracle to demonstrate his … Continue reading

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Priestly Authority

Hus, Wycliffe, or Luther were not the first to interpret the priesthood as a┬ábid to monopolize the graces given to all the elect. Nor were Machiavelli and Spinoza the first to interpret Israel’s polity in secular terms. No, all of … Continue reading

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Eldad and Medad’s prophecy

Numbers 11:24-33 relates how the LORD gathers seventy elders to Moses at the tent of meeting, and places the same Spirit that abided in him within them, so that these elders begin to prophesy. But then something strange happens: Eldad … Continue reading

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