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Schopenhauer on “Scholastic Philosophy”

Schopenhauer makes a good point in his “Critique of Kantian Philosophy,” which is an appendix to his great Die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung. He observes that “den dritten” service Kant performed for philosophy was “den völligen Umsturz der Scholastischen Philosophie, … Continue reading

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Echoes of Eliot in David Foster Wallace

David Foster Wallace is much-beloved by enthusiasts of so-called postmodern literature, fiction dripping with irony, luxuriating in the annihilation of substance by form. His own fiction fits within the world of pomo-lit at least in its technical wizardry (Infinite Jest … Continue reading

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Chesterton’s Genealogy of Modernity

“Pagan antiquity was the age of status; Christian mediaevalism was the age of vows; and skeptical modernity has been the age of contracts; or rather has tried to be, and has failed” (“The Story of the Vow,” in The Superstition … Continue reading

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