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Anselm’s Unbelievers

To what end did Anselm write his Cur Deus Homo, and what convictions are presupposed in its ideal reader? The answers to these questions are intertwined. Cur Deus Homo is aimed at assuring Christian believers of the reasonableness of their … Continue reading

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Boiardo’s Cosmpolitan Charlemagne

In book one of Matteo Boiardo’s epic Orlando Inamorato, King Charlemagne hears of the invasion of Muslim-controlled Spain by a vast army from the Far East (Cathay). He summons his council, and makes an observation that’s both irenic and pragmatic: Io odo … Continue reading

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Will the real al-Qaeda please stand up?

The WaPost has an interesting report today on a struggle at the heart of al-Qaeda in Syria. Since 2011, the Al-Nusra Front has been the (more or less) official arm of al-Qaeda there, and it profited immensely from the power … Continue reading

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Eastern Syria, Western Kurdistan

From the BBC: Syrian Kurdish militia have been engaged in fierce fighting recently with the jihadists of the anti-Assad al-Nusra Front. Mr Barzani [President of Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdistan region] called for a delegation to visit the Kurdish areas in Syria. He … Continue reading

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Rousseau and the Islamists

Le Monde hosted a fascinating  debate recently, concerning whether, “L’islam politique est-il dans l’impasse?” Phillipe d’Iribarne suggests that the recent coup in Egypt, combined with the struggles of Islamist governments in Tunisia and Turkey, has a dual significance for the fate … Continue reading

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