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Jesus Is Not A Human Person

This might be surprising to you (it was to me). After all, surely there’s nothing more orthodox than to affirm that Jesus is fully human! And yet, Aquinas (following others in the Chalcedonian tradition, notably Damascene), insists that while Jesus … Continue reading

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Could the LORD have become angelic?

Thomas says no (ST III.4.1). Human nature alone was fit for assumption by the Son, because humanity alone had the two characteristics that make such assumption fitting: first, the dignity of rational personhood which affords every human creature a congruence … Continue reading

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The Man of Your Right Hand

In Ps 80:15, the Psalmist intercedes for “the vineyard which thy [sc. the LORD’s] right hand hath planted.” Just a few verses later, he speaks of “the man of thy right hand…the son of man whom thou madest strong for … Continue reading

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