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Newman on Faith and Reason

(What follows is an analysis of Newman’s account of faith and reason in a selection of his Oxford University Sermons, presented at a seminar on Newman with Fr. Ian Ker, at Merton College, Oxford University, July 13, 2015.) The Oxford University … Continue reading

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Justification by Justification by Faith

In his Lectures on the Doctrine of Justification, Newman complains that, in practice, the Protestant doctrine of justification sola fide results in “substitut[ing] faith for Christ” (Genius of Newman, 188). That is, when the test of your salvation is your subjective awareness of … Continue reading

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Augustine on salvation

In De Spiritu et Littera 29.51, Augustine writes, “Opus enim, quod qui fecerit vivet in eo, non fit nisi a iustificato. Iustificatio autem ex fide impetratur…In tantum iustus, in quantum salvus.” The last line is killer: “Insofar as you’re just, just … Continue reading

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The Faith of Abraham

“Per quanto paradossale possa sembrare, la fede di Abramo é, per Agostino, una fede cristologica. Attraverso formulazioni che si rincorrono retoricamente e che si intersecano l’una nell’altra, Agostino sembra dire che la fede di Abramo é gia fede nel Cristo venturo” (Agostino, … Continue reading

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