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Justification by Justification by Faith

In his Lectures on the Doctrine of Justification, Newman complains that, in practice, the Protestant doctrine of justification sola fide results in “substitut[ing] faith for Christ” (Genius of Newman, 188). That is, when the test of your salvation is your subjective awareness of … Continue reading

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Seven markers of modernism

Sass catalogs seven traits that compose the ideal type of modernist sensibility (enfolding “postmodernism” as an offspring or sibling of modernism): 1. Avant-Gardism: “alienation from tradition” (30). As theorized by MacIntyre, this is of course fundamental to the “Enlightenment project” … Continue reading

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Madness as “hyperreflexivity”

Sass suggests that the phenomenology of madness should take its bearings from the concept of “hyperreflexivity”: the madman layers and categorizes his experiences in self-reflection so delicate and dense that it obscures the ordinary course of life. This is an … Continue reading

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