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Justification by Justification by Faith

In his Lectures on the Doctrine of Justification, Newman complains that, in practice, the Protestant doctrine of justification sola fide results in “substitut[ing] faith for Christ” (Genius of Newman, 188). That is, when the test of your salvation is your subjective awareness of … Continue reading

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Are there “immediate beliefs”?

Wolterstorff says there are, and understands them to be beliefs that depend on no other beliefs (his example: “I am now awake.”) (Liberalism, 57). Bruce Marshall, following Davidson, argues, by contrast, that all beliefs depend on other beliefs — the … Continue reading

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Reading Gal. and Rom. in light 1 C

This is interesting to consider: the JF model reads G and R as fundamentally concerned with the opposition between earning your salvation through works or receiving it by faith; Campbell’s PPME model suggests that we should read it instead as … Continue reading

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