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Arian chicanery

That’s Augustine’s term for the following argument: Granted that there’s no absolute opposition between the Father/Son pairing, that still doesn’t resolve the tension between the Father’s un-begottenness and the Son’s begottenness; one could be un-begotten and not be a Father, … Continue reading

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Substance, Accident, Relation

Typically, we think of two modes of predication regarding being: X might be predicated of Y as to substance, or as to accident. Augustine revises this formulation: “Mais en Dieu il n’y a rien d’accidentel, parce qu’il est souverainement immuable, … Continue reading

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Hart on creation sounds like Jenson

I think of these two as engaged in a monumental struggle over the mechanics of the Trinity, but on the ground, they sound remarkably alike. Take Hart on creation: “Creation is thus without foundations; it attends God, possessing no essence … Continue reading

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Grace and nature

In IIa IIae, 8, 1, Thomas considers whether the human power of intellection should be considered a gift of the Holy Spirit. The intuitive objection is this: “Sed intellectus est quidam habitus naturalis in anima, quo cognoscuntur principia naturaliter nota.” … Continue reading

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Naming God

“The Christian trinitarian doctrine of God is no longer considered [by Jews] a violation of biblical monotheism. The God whom Jesus worshped and proclaimed was, of course, the one God of Israel, and the trinitarian doctrine of the church does … Continue reading

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Thomas on the Necessity of the Trinity

Why is believing in the Trinity necessary for salvation? “mysterium Christi explicite credi non potest sine fide Trinitatis, quia in mysterio Christi hoc continetur quod filius Dei carnem assumpserit, quod per gratiam spiritus sancti mundum renovaverit, et iterum quod de … Continue reading

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Speaking the Trinity

The principal usefulness of Christian theology, it seems to me, has to be helping churches construct well-formed liturgies. As Jenson puts in his ST 1, theology is the discipline tasked with describing the conditions under which the Church may “speak … Continue reading

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