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Freedom and Necessity in Pascal, Leibniz, and Kant

A Leitmotiv of the Pensees is Pascal’s Augustinian reflections on the conversion of the nations as a providential fulfillment of biblical prophecy. Late in the work, he takes up this theme to argue that the Church outdoes the pagan philosophers, … Continue reading

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Predicting vs. Deciding: Hume’s Determinism

Hume makes no secret that he is a determinist, in a Newtonian mold: “It is universally allowed that matter, in all its operations, is actuated by a necessary force” (Inquiry, 91). One billiard ball of matter moves another, and so … Continue reading

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Rousseau and the Islamists

Le Monde hosted a fascinating  debate recently, concerning whether, “L’islam politique est-il dans l’impasse?” Phillipe d’Iribarne suggests that the recent coup in Egypt, combined with the struggles of Islamist governments in Tunisia and Turkey, has a dual significance for the fate … Continue reading

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Abortion and the Banality of Evil

There is a chilling article in this week’s New York Times Magazine, titled, “The Two-Minus-One Pregnancy.” The article discusses the growing trend of parents, especially those who have gotten pregnant using artificial insemination, aborting one of a set of twins, … Continue reading

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