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Eschatology and Anthropology

There’s a lively discussion at the moment about the possibility — or indeed, the inevitability — of universal salvation. TJ White’s treatment of Christ’s descent into hell in his recent Incarnate Lord includes some helpful discussion of universalism that clearly locates what I … Continue reading

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Negotiating Dual Citizenship

The thesis of The Mighty and the Almighty: “Central to a Christian theological account of the state is an understanding of the duality of state authority mediating divine authority and an aunderstanding of the duality of Christians being under the … Continue reading

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Thomas defines “faith”

“Illa per se pertinent ad fidem quorum visione in vita aeterna perfruemur, et per quae ducemur in vitam aeternam” (IIa IIae, 1, 8). Translated: “Those things pertain in themselves to faith, the vision of which we enjoy in eternal life, … Continue reading

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What is “forever”?

I’ve been thinking about two phrases typically glossed in Scripture by the English, “forever”: in Greek, eis aiwnon, and in Hebrew, le olam. Both are prepositional phrases, whose preposition carries a directional sense, as in “to.” The objects in both … Continue reading

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