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Protestant Churches as Ecclesial Communities

An Anglican friend with Reformed sympathies recently suggested to me that Roman Catholicism’s claims to a distinctive degree of church unity are deceptive: after all, Jesuits and Dominicans and Franciscans surely disagree with each other as much as do Presbyterians and … Continue reading

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How can I understand, unless someone guides me?

In Development 1.3.5, Newman draws an inference: “If the Christian doctrine, as originally taught, admits of true and important developments, as was argued in the foregoing Section, this is a strong antecedent argument in favour of a provision in the Dispensation for … Continue reading

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Cyprian of Carthage on the Episcopacy

“Episcopatus unus est, cuius a singulis in solidum pars tenetur.” (De ecclesiae unitate 5) Every phrase in that sentence matters: episcopacy is one power, wielded individually by bishops in communion.

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