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Epictetus’s modest optimism

In his Entretien avec Saci, Pascal both praises and criticizes Epictetus: “I dare to say that he [Epictetus] ought to be adored, if he had known his impotence…After having so well understood that which one ought to do, look how he … Continue reading

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The body as one’s availability to others

Robert Jenson suggests that we think of bodies simply as a person’s availability to another in time and space; I am embodied for you just insofar as you intend me by way of some piece of the universe’s metaphysical furnishings. … Continue reading

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God’s simplicity and immateriality

De Trin. VI.6.8 is a hugely important exposition of the basic logic behind affirming God’s simplicity and immateriality: En premier lieu, tout corps est composé de parties, de telle sorte que l’une est plus grande, l’autre plus petite, et que … Continue reading

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Rejection of “Fluidity model” in P and D

“Certain streams of tradition in the Hebrew Bible display no sense that divine selfhood could fragment. These same traditions regard divine embodiment as fixed, and they strongly condemn the stelae and asherahs so crucial to the notion of multiplicity of divine … Continue reading

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