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Hugo riffs Berkeley

“Tous les aspects des choses sont des pensées de Dieu” (Victor Hugo, Les Miserables, Tome III, Ch. 4).

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Sin and Nothingness

“peccatum nihil est, et nihil fiunt homines cum peccant.” —Tractatus in Iohannis 1.12 Here we have a doctrine of creation and fall in a short, explosively compressed sentence.

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Is God eternally “Lord”?

Augustine says No, for the following reason: “Ecce, Dominum esse non sempiternum habet, ne cogamur etiam sempiternam creaturam dicere, quia ille sempiterne non dominaretur, nisi etaim ista famularetur” (De Trin. V.16.17). Translated: “Look, he can’t be ‘Lord’ eternally, lest we … Continue reading

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Hart on creation sounds like Jenson

I think of these two as engaged in a monumental struggle over the mechanics of the Trinity, but on the ground, they sound remarkably alike. Take Hart on creation: “Creation is thus without foundations; it attends God, possessing no essence … Continue reading

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Person as Story

“Christian faith has a dramatic conception of man. A person is not a thing with attributes; a person is a story. It is for this reason that I suggest that personal identity be understood as the dramatic continuity of a … Continue reading

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