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Priestly Authority

Hus, Wycliffe, or Luther were not the first to interpret the priesthood as a bid to monopolize the graces given to all the elect. Nor were Machiavelli and Spinoza the first to interpret Israel’s polity in secular terms. No, all of … Continue reading

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Negotiating Dual Citizenship

The thesis of The Mighty and the Almighty: “Central to a Christian theological account of the state is an understanding of the duality of state authority mediating divine authority and an aunderstanding of the duality of Christians being under the … Continue reading

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Cyprian of Carthage on the Episcopacy

“Episcopatus unus est, cuius a singulis in solidum pars tenetur.” (De ecclesiae unitate 5) Every phrase in that sentence matters: episcopacy is one power, wielded individually by bishops in communion.

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