Aaronic David

Last week, I wrote about the reception in the Major Prophets of the story of Aaron’s budding staff (Num 17). I missed another instance of its reception in the OT, though, in Psalm 132. Consider: “There [Zion, cf. Ps 132:13] will I make the horn of David to bud: I have ordained a lamp for mine anointed” (Ps 132:17). The verb translated “sprout” (tsamach) is ordinarily horticultural (cf. Gen 2:5, 3:18, Ex 10:5, Job 5:6, et al.), and so in Psalm 132, we find a horn (qeren) that sprouts: even despite the difference in verb, surely this evokes Aaron’s budding staff from Numbers 17:8. As in Isaiah 11:1 and Zech 6:11-12, we find priestly undertones in the LORD’s promises to David’s line.

This verse also surely stands in some lineal relation to Isaiah 5:1: “There is a vineyard for my beloved on a horn, a son of oil” (the last part is obscured by translators’ need to capture the probable idea being conveyed, namely, “on a very fruitful hill” (KJV)). In Psalm 132:17, a horn sprouts; in Isaiah 5:1, a horn bears a vineyard.

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