“Pure Nature” and Christology

TJ White insists that the concept “pure nature” is vital to Christian thinking about the human, whether as unfallen, fallen, redeemed, or hypostatically united to the Word (Jesus). “Underlying the states of integral, fallen, redeemed, and Christic (Christ’s own) human nature, there is something that is collectively the same. Just as this reality that is the same did not need to be created in a state of original holiness (although it was) so likewise it did not need to be subject to sin…nature as it existed in original innocence and as it exists now, as fallen…did not need to exist in either state, due to its intrinsic requirements as nature. It could have existed in a state of pure nature” (Incarnate Lord, 167).

So long as we’re clear that “pure nature” is simply a conceptual device for tracking what remains constant across our identification of the human in various stages of salvation’s economy, fair enough.

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