The Faith of Abraham

“Per quanto paradossale possa sembrare, la fede di Abramo é, per Agostino, una fede cristologica. Attraverso formulazioni che si rincorrono retoricamente e che si intersecano l’una nell’altra, Agostino sembra dire che la fede di Abramo é gia fede nel Cristo venturo” (Agostino, Lettore e Interprete di Paolo, 24).

This reading of Romans — assuming for the moment that it’s a fair reading of Augustine —  strikes me as just about right. I would only want to nudge it in the direction of Campbell’s DoG, in which he argues that Abraham’s faith (read through Hab 2:4) is Christological precisely in that it figures Christ’s faithfulness; in a secondary sense, Abraham figures the faith of those who would be incorporated into Christ.

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