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Notions and Things in Newman’s “Idea of a University”

I wonder if the real key to origin of Newman’s use of “notion” and “thing” in the Grammar is to be found in the Second Discourse of the Idea, namely in his discussion of the relation of individual sciences to … Continue reading

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Darwin vs. the doctrine of God or of creation?

Gregory suggests — and here he’s one of about 150 Christian intellectual historians of late — that Darwinism only affects the doctrine of God if we succumb to theologically shallow “metaphysical univocity” (a la Scotus). And about that he’s probably … Continue reading

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The Epistemological Liability of Church Division

After the divisions, “any arguments that hoped realistically to avoid the quagmire of theological controversy and fruitfully to transcend confessional boundaries — including discussion about God and his creation — would have to bracket both the content of the contested … Continue reading

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