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Huntington vs. Fukuyama

Fukuyama’s thesis that liberal democracy is “the end of history” rests on his contention that the “twin pillars” of whirlwind material acquisition driven by free-markets and the scientific method, and the “universal recognition” afforded to human dignity by democracy, will … Continue reading

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Levinas, “En L’Autrui”

Some gems from Levinas, all from “L’ontologie est-elle fondamentale?” in Entre Nous. “L’essence du discours est priere. Ce qui distingue la pensee visant un objet d’un lien avec une personne, c’est que dans celui-ci s’articule un vocatif: ce qui est … Continue reading

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Behavioral Economics and Augustinian Anthropology

Behavioral economists, such as Dan Ariely here at Duke, are uncovering by inductive, double-blind experiments what inductive, deliberate reflection revealed to a host of classic thinkers, from Aristotle and Augustine all the way down to the twentieth century. At least, … Continue reading

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