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A lovely expression from 1 Samuel 3:19 (NV): “non cecidit ex omnibus verbis eius in terram.” (“None of his words fell unto the earth.”) As a prophet (3:20), Samuel was judicious in his speech.

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Crossing on the cross

” Instituit lignum quo mare transeamus. Nemo enim potest transire mare huius saeculi, nisi cruce Christi portatus.” — Tractates on John 2.2 That’s just about a perfect sentiment — the wise in this age, who can tell us something about … Continue reading

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Sin and Nothingness

“peccatum nihil est, et nihil fiunt homines cum peccant.” —Tractatus in Iohannis 1.12 Here we have a doctrine of creation and fall in a short, explosively compressed sentence.

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