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The stars are angels

“…Nec sicut cogitantur Angeli mundi spiritus caelestia corpora inspirantes, atque ad arbitrium quo serviunt Deo mutantes atque versantes…” “Nor as the Angels of the world are thought, spirits inspiring the heavenly bodies, and by the the will by which they … Continue reading

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The Word our model

“Nous autres, au contraire, peniblement nous imitons un modele qui ne change pas, nous suivons un guide qui ne bouge pas, et, marchant en lui, nous tendons vers lui, car il nous a ete donne dans son humilite comme une … Continue reading

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Vestigia Trinitatis

“Oportet igitur ut Creatorem, per ea quae facta sunt, intellectum conspicientes (Rom. 1:20), Trinitatem intelligamus, cuius in creatura, quomodo dignum est, apparet vestigium. In illa enim Trinitate summa origo est rerum omnium, et perfectissima pulchritudo, et beatissima delectatio.” “Thus it … Continue reading

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Specifying the object of divine attributes

Augustine puzzles at length over a difficult question: if, as 1 Cor. 1.24 says, “Christ is the wisdom of God and the power of God,” then how are we to predicate wisdom and power of the Father? Is he wise … Continue reading

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Is Egypt’s Revolution Failing?

So wonders Thannasis Cambanis in the Atlanic: he catalogues a grim succession of events suggesting two trends: 1) the inexperienced leaders of Tahrir are stumbling out of the gate as they attempt to transform their unruly movement into a viable … Continue reading

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Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street

At the Atlantic, Conor Friedersdorf observes a basic similarity between the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street: both are populist movements animated by anger at the corrupt coziness of Big Business with Big Government, particularly as emblematized by the 2008 … Continue reading

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Did MacIntyre name the pope?

Bruce Marshall speculates in an interesting aside: “As a new dark age closes in, Alasdair MacIntyre famously observed, we hope for a new St. Benedict.┬áThe former Cardinal Ratzinger surely did not choose by accident the name under which he would … Continue reading

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