On being Israel

“That there should be any difficulty in understanding Judaism’s claim to be Israel may, of course, seem preposterous to Jews. But for Christian theology it is not merely a diffiuclty but a torment. Christian faith is the conviction that the God of Israel has raised his servant Jesus from the dead and installed him, if hiddenly and proleptically, as the Messiah of Israel, and that by this prolepsis he has opened the ingathering of the gentiles to Zion. That the vast of majority of Abraham and Sarah’s descendents have rejected and do reject this claim, and maintain a claim to be faithful Israel without acknowledging Jesus’ resurrection, must indeed give the church furiously to think, and has done so since at least the time when Paul wrote his letter to the Romans.”

Robert Jenson, “Toward a Christian Theology of Judaism,” (p. 4) in Jews and Christians: People of God.

That so many Christians seem so entirely unruffled by the continuing separation of the Jews from the people gathered to their Messiah bewilders me. If we are to take the scandal of Judaism’s continuing election with full seriousness (as, following Rom 9-11, we surely must), this has to be the starting point.

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