Thomas on human (super)nature

In IIa IIae, 2, 3, Thomas discusses how it is that faith can be required for the “perfection” of human nature. After all, shouldn’t the perfection of a thing consist only in the perfection of its innate qualities? But faith is clearly an act whose end is beyond what is properly natural to man. Thomas’s solution is brilliant:

natura autem rationalis, inquantum cognoscit universalem boni et entis rationem, habet immediatum ordinem ad universale essendi principium. Perfectio ergo rationalis creaturae non solum consistit in eo quod ei competit secundum suam naturam, sed etiam in eo quod ei attribuitur ex quadam supernaturali participatione divinae bonitatis. Unde et supra dictum est quod ultima beatitudo hominis consistit in quadam supernaturali Dei visione.

Human nature is naturally opened to something beyond itself. Reaching beyond ourselves is part of who we are.

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